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quarta-feira, 25 de maio de 2016

Reading Technique: Paragraph Analysis

Hello Readers!
Today we saw a new technique to help you with your reading skill:

This technique can help you to understand the whole text using small parts of the text: the paragraphs.

Take a look at the chart we've studied:

New Information
New Words
Mental Image
My Connections

He worked on the pictures for 5 days.

Flew = past of Fly
New York City skyline
Song: “Empire State of Mind”



As homework for next class you have to finish this chart with all the 5 paragraphs from pages 12 and 13, ok.
And now... 
The Videos I promissed: Empire State of Mind ( 2 different versions ) 
Enjoy the songs!!!!!

quarta-feira, 18 de maio de 2016

Sense of Humor & Intelligence

Did you know that Sense of Humor is a sign of Sharp Minds?!!! So let's laugh a little with this funny Memes about our Geniuses!
Thanks for sending me those images, guys! 
You're the best!!!!

Reading Techniques - Pencil and Marks

Hello Readers!!!
Let's use these Reading Techniques to understand and interect to our book!

terça-feira, 17 de maio de 2016

Tech English : PUBLISH and CATEROGORIES sections

Hello Tech Students!

Here you can find what we have learnt last Friday. 
Click on the image below to see it bigger, ok?

Well, last class we talked about 2 sections on this screen:


Here are the important words: 
Draft - not ready document
Visibility - who can read your post
Publish immediately - you can schedule your post


You can and must create Categories to your post. For example, if your blog is about Food, you should create categories like: Italian Food, Japanese Food, Indian Food, and so on.

Next Class:


sexta-feira, 13 de maio de 2016

Blog Project: Student's Blogs

Hello Tech Students,
Here are the Blog URLs (addresses):

Isabela Michelazzo:
Luiza: (link is not working)
Cauã: No link
Igor: No link

Countable X Uncountable

Hello More! students.
Here are some examples of Countable (we can count) nouns and Uncountable (we can't count) nouns, for food only!

Now here you can see how we can transform Uncountable Nouns into Countable nouns:

Verbs in the Past - Back To The Future

Hello guys,
Today we've watched one of my favourite movies: 

Back to the Future

Can you tell us what the big differences between the Present (today) and de Past (1955) are?

Don't forget to use the verbs in the PAST, ok!!!!!
Here you can have a little help: